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Testimonials From Organisations and Individuals.

Thank you to my early adopter clients Morgan Consulting, Hallis, Arracasta Pty Ltd, Whiter Real Estate Belford St Holistic Therapies for letting me share my passion, experience and wisdom!

 I have to admit that I was sceptical at first having used other profiling tools in the past. However, my view changed after receiving my comprehensive report. It was very accurate and helped me understand why I was successful in some roles yet not in others. Based on the feedback from the Business DNA report and personal session with Gabriella, I have revised my résumé focusing on my innate strengths and value I can deliver to employers.

The Business DNA program really helps you understand who you are, who you can best work with and areas that you need to be mindful of and develop. It is practical, insightful and extremely valuable. I have no hesitation recommending the tool to any of my colleagues, HR managers or people responsible for obtaining the best from their employees.

Public Relations Manager  D.N

 “I have used many profiling tools in my executive and leadership coaching programs and thought “here we go, another profiling tool, what is it going to show me that I don’t already know!”, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results and the insights it delivered and it turned out to be a very valuable tool.  It revealed my innate talents that I wasn’t realizing to my fullest potential and it came at the right time when I was re-assessing, re-inventing, re-igniting my career, and wanting to create a new path and direction.  It gave me more confidence to speak and share “this is who I truly am and expose my authentic self” in the business world.  Gabriella’s delivery style is so engaging and personable, making it easy to absorb and integrate.  Her background, experience and ability to facilitate and deliver the profile and coaching insights are first class.  Her precision and practical high powered directives were immensely valuable immediately. I would highly recommend Gabriella.”

Marketing Director  J.D

The DNA helped me confirm my self awareness.  I was looking for a career direction and the DNA confirmed my talents, values and culture. It has given me confidence to step forward to obtain a career change.

Accountant R.D

Thank you Gabriella for the enlightening session we had as you explained in depth by Business DNA. It was truly empowering, helping me to understand my strengths and struggles and how I can use these to live my fullest potential. I wish I had access to this years ago. I could have taken some shortcuts to get to where I will be my most happiest and most fulfilled.  I highly recommend your service to anyone who is in business, looking to change careers or just want to reach their highest life potential.

Business Coach for New Business  L.P

After having been exposed to a number of profiling tools over many years, Gabriella introduced me to DNA. I had doubts whether DNA could provide any further insights that could assist me with my career. After completing the assessment, Gabriella walked me through a very detailed report that identified a number of discernable skills that I should focus on when applying for a new role.

Gabriella made me aware of how to sell myself in interviews identifying these skills as both valuable and marketable. I always knew that these skills existed within, however, was never aware of the importance of them to the success of my every day working life.

Gabriella has given me the confidence and belief to call these skills out when applying for a new role. Hence I have restructured my resume, highlighting the need for me to use these skills and the value I can bring to the role by applying them on a regular basis.

If future employers understand and agree your modus operandi at the beginning, I believe it will create a platform for building a deeper, more successful working relationship.

Thanks to Gabriella and the DNA tool, I am confident of starting any new role on the right foot, with both parties clearly understanding how to get the best out of me, and ultimately getting the best value for them.

 Organisational Change Practitioner  J.S

Gabriella has a gift for interpreting a behavioural assessment report from a series of scores and results into a tangible meaningful series of insights that are specific to you. Her accuracy and ability to see beyond the numbers to convert the results to a planned course of action for you to perform better at work is second to none. So many personality and behavioural profiles are removed from the real world of work. Gabriella converts the Business DNA assessment into a personalised action plan that makes sense and more importantly months down the track – works!! Thanks Gabriella – best investment I have made in Me Inc. for work and my career.

Managing Director  Integrated Research L.K

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