Recruiting, Identifying Talent and Increasing Engagement and Sales


  1. We sell two platforms available to business to enable you to Identify Talent through your Recruitment Process &  Engage them around their Talents which are interactive dashboards. We are the world leaders in providing an assessment platform for business to purchase.
  2. We provide consulting services to increase sales and staff engagement
  3. We provide coaching services to individuals and business to help them identify their talents, job alignment, ideal career paths (so they can work in the zone and not burn out), showing what needs to be enhanced so they are successful in their professional and personal lives.

  • Reduces recruitment time and cost by up to 60%
  • Global Recruitment and Engagement Platform
  • Future proofing your business when some of the current jobs will not exist in the future 
  • Ability for volume recruitment
  • Helps business embrace talents and set performance expectations
  • Currently has 960 inbuilt job benchmarks which normally is a very expensive exercise for business to undertake (this platform has it done for you and if it doesn't exist you can create one with ease)
  • Embraces diversity of talents for business success (breaks down prejudices based on resumes and reference checks only)
  • Candidate Ranking based on collating a lot of data from Job Criteria/Talent from the talent Assessment/Job Benchmark/Values/Motivators very quickly (not just keywords in resumes)
  • Its the only recruitment/career and development platform based on talents you are born with and cemented in by age 3
  • Interactive Dashboard and allows you to send emails to candidates and include hiring managers in the process to interact and set up interviews.
  • Transparency for the job applicant
  • Build a talent pool which are already assessed for you to access any time

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  • Its the only assessment Platform available to Business to have full control to assess and manage your staffs hidden talent
  • Addresses Engagement, Retention and Communication Styles
  • 90% accuracy in assessing talents
  • Assesses Talents you are born with and cemented in by age 3.
  • Career/Job Alignment/ Engagement and Talent Development Tool all in one platform
  • Demonstrates strengths and how to maximise for engagement/performance
  • Demonstrates how to prevent burnout
  • Highlights performance gaps such as Sales capability in your team and how to address them

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 World First Process for Your End to End Recruitment, Engagement and Sales Solutions!

We are much more than standard consultants and business coaches!  Our strategies and systems assist your people to work at 100% capacity by creating a culture where everyone feels valued, safe, respected and empowered.   Having worked with many companies over the years we have found that many people are doing the minimum work to avoid being sacked and many are undermining the Business Vision, Co Workers and Management. 
Disengagement could show up as people not performing, achieving goals, sales targets, absenteeism and mediocre retention. This affects company brand and dissatisfied customers.
Benefits of our program:
We get staff enthused about their work and how to use their talents so they work better and increase your sales. Now that's an investment you can't afford to overlook!
Our consulting services can be delivered as a program of work or as individual services and the outcomes are: positive behaviours, engaged staff, staff aligned to the right role, sustainable method for sales and general performance across any job function.
We go deep with our work and work with any sabotages or limiting belief systems that hold you back from performing well or if in a sales role, why you are not achieving your KPI's. We look at self-worth issues and clearing disappointments and rejections that people may feel which inhibit performance.  Click here for a small taster of where we start with clearing your subconscious mind around sales. The Today Show on Channel 9 demonstrated tapping for losing weight. It can be used for resolving many issues.
 Coaching Services
We don't provide conventional coaching services. We work with the talents you are born with and cemented in by age 3 and help you understand how each of your talents plays it self out in your working and personal life and how it impacts others around you.  The assessment identifies your strengths and how to manage them so they don't sabotage your career and life in general.