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FREE TO ACHIEVEs purpose is to assist you to have more success, power, joy, peace, passion and creativity in your life & business. Understand why the "Burning Platform" creates fear, stress and anxiety, undermines  morale and therefore the effectiveness of your team.  Whereas "Burning Ambition" builds passion and productivity engaging staff to achieve their goals and yours.  

Free to Achieve and Australian Institute of Self Development  combined provide end to end people solutions for your business.  We use creative/innovative methods to create engaged employees and happy CEOs using sustainable methods for change. Happy people behave with respect to each other which create extra dollars to your bottom line.  We unlock the hidden talent in your business to perform consistently well and we partner with you to grow and consolidate your business.

Gabriella Salmon has worked as a consultant assisting business with change and transformation programs to engage employees during the past 20 years. She is the Founder of Free to Achieve.  Over the years I held roles in Accounting, Recruitment, Change, Engagement, Career Assessments & Coaching and what led me to set up my business is the poor management of staff because of outdated engagement & recruitment models and cultures of fear and blame.

Gabriella's experience includes  setting up a Recruitment Business Unit in IT and working with Executive Contractors.  Starting her career in the accounting field and transitioned into designing and delivered training, change and communication, stakeholder strategy and plans to deliver I.T. implementations, Culture and Behavior Change programs.  In 2012 she became an advisor of two world class platforms available to business to provide business independence and control to enable them to recruit, manage talents and change culture. The data provides strategic information in how to bridge the performance gaps through easy to understand reports by assessing the Talents people are born with and cemented in by age 3. The recruitment platform reduces your process up to 80% as it’s all automated. 

Understanding behavioral patterns at a deep level through transforming people’s lives gained in her previous coaching business using EFT and Timeline Therapy. Gabriella understands the causes of people becoming disengaged in the workforce, the cause of stress and transforms people's relationships and business to be successful. In her experience of working across many workplaces she has seen a lot of angst around how to identify attract and manage talent, low engagement, lack of effective communication, fear, low trust and productivity issues.

There are new challenges facing the workplace with how employees work ranging from the engagement of millennials to how companies are changing how they hire people based on talents rather than just the CV.

What traditional Engagement Models don't address is employees self-esteem or innate talents because they don't know how to. We don't conduct engagement surveys; the bottom line for our services is engaging people around their talents!"  

Our Career Coaching is unique as we identify the talents and then empower the individual with transformative life tools to ensure they attract work after beyond the career coaching and have successful relationships.

 Russell Cunningham  is the Founder of Australian Institute of Self Development and Gabriella      have worked independently since 2005 and have decided to collaborate and create this world first  program of work for business. It is jam packed with value as they have used their innate talents to create innovative, imaginative and original new ideas to achieve business results. Russell has won sales awards and is a world class behaviour change practitioner.   

Specialising in business, relationships and personal success coaching and Self Development,     Russell Cunningham holds certificates as a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, & NLP Trainer, Timeline Therapist, Workplace Assessor & Trainer. His experience in training, self-development and professional development spans over 27 years and includes more than 15,700 hours of personal and business success coaching , most recently being involved with the Centre for Professional Development, NLP for Life and as director of Australian Institute of Self Development 

Russell is an AAMET Master Trainer of Trainers and Member of the AAMET International Training Team was Founding President of EFTAP (EFT Australian Practitioners) and one of Australia’s leading trainers and experts in EFT and Energy Psychology. Russell has taught EFT to thousands of people having run over 220 EFT based workshops since 2003. He continues to assist clients to achieve outstanding results with a unique combination of EFT, NLP Time Line Therapy(R) and Alpha Repatterning(R)

Our Values:

*Respect for people’s feelings                      *Trust                                             

*Passion                                                         *Tailoring Solutions

*Integrity                                                       * Collaboration

*Pragmatism                                                  *Empathy


Personal CV for Gabriella Salmon : CUB, Ernst & Young, Fonterra, NAB, BHP, North Limited, McEwan’s, Cap Gemini, Drake Executive, Morgan Consulting, Dean Management, RACV, Connell Wagner, Devondale Murray Goulburn.

Personal CV for Russell Cunningham: Centre For Professional Development

The work we do is confidential for many although we have worked with many CEOs and individuals who work in the Utilities sector.

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